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The COVID-19 virus is on the lips of most everyone. Is it a big thing? Right now, yes. It's already impacting economies around the globe. Will it remain a big thing? It looks like it will.

And when COVID-19 is replaced by a different virus, which is a 100% certainty (it's already mutated at least once) there will be another virus to deal with. It's just part of the human condition! ;-)

What we can say for sure is that every government, business and individual will be best prepared to deal with viruses if they have a plan. That's where we come in.

We're designing easy-to-use and affordable plans that are customized to meet your specific needs. Our first two projects are creating plans for event producers and employers.

Here are the links:

Employer Virus Plan

Event Virus Plan

We are posting updates daily. Please do what you can to say safe. If you are infected with COVID-19 or suspect that you might have been in contact with someone that has this virus, please take care of yourself and avoid contact with others.

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